Bright Leaf BBQ (6 -15oz CUPS)

Bright Leaf Hotdogs

You get 6- 15oz cups of Bright Leaf BBQ. This BBQ is hickory smoked with a secret sauce and is absolutely delicious!  We have been working with the great BBQ Pit Masters Tripp and Charles Hursey at Hursey's Bar-B-Q to be able to bring this product to our customers! Pork BBQ like this varies across the state of NC. In the west of NC, it's really tomato sauce-based, and in the east, it's really vinegar-based. Bright Leaf BBQ is a nice compromise between the 2 extremes, but leans a little more towards the traditional eastern flavor with just a touch of sweetness! You really need to taste it to see what we are talkin' about!  Carolina Packers has been in business since 1941 and Hursey's Bar-B-Q has been making BBQ since 1945. We both have a rich heritage of providing outstanding and unique food and service. We hope you'll enjoy this as much as we do!

Customer Reviews

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Lillie Carr
The Best

Bright Leaf products are the best I’ve had in my lifetime I grew up with it and live in the tri state and still you can’t beat their product those hot dogs , chopped Barbeque, red hot sausage, Bacon, chili, etc are the best . I order when I’m out nothing like Bright Leaf.

Tonya D.
Brightleaf BBQ cups

I recently received one of my repeat orders of Brightleaf BBQ. I live in Maryland, so it has definitely been an awesome experience to have this shipped to me when I can't get to visit NC. The ordering process is very easy, and I always receive quality product.

Anthony Hall
Good Carolina BBQ Value

I'm down in GA, and able to get good North Carolina style BBQ. Being able to purchase this online, and get it delivered, and it be tasty, is very good value for me. Well done!

Judy Jones
Great BBQ

We usually make sandwiches with it and slaw on mine and a little hot sauce thanks for having it were the shopper can buy it


I purchased BBQ from them and it is so good. I miss being able to purchase it and b/c I live in the western NC mountains there is no locations that sell their BBQ. I have to order it online. It is awesome.