Whole Bone-In Cured Country Ham (FREE SHIPPING)

Bright Leaf Hotdogs

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This is a WHOLE BONE IN CURED COUNTRY HAM!   This product is approximately 17 lbs.

WHOLE, Uncooked Country Ham Products – do not require refrigeration upon arrival.   Please hang in a cool dry place until cooked or sliced.  This ham is best used within 3 months of purchase.  Mold is typically found on whole country hams just like certain aged cheeses.  Wash and scrub with hot water and a stiff vegetable brush. When you’re getting ready to cook plan a few days ahead. Get a roasting pan ready that is big enough for your ham. Soak the ham for a couple days in cold water, change the water out every 8 hours or so. By day 2or 3, take the ham out and double wrap it in foil, while its still wet from soaking. You want a good seal to keep the moisture in. Put it in your roasting pan skin side up. Put foil over the top of the roasting pan, then put the lid on.  Bake in the oven at 225°F for about 8 hours until the internal temp is 160°F. When its time to carve the ham, remove the skin carefully, trying to leave as much fat as possible, then carve.

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